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Paradise 8 Casino

Many factors goes into the success of an online casino. The promotions and the strength of a casino’s games are undoubtedly large ingredients for success, but an overlooked aspect which is of high importance, is the support staff. And when it comes to support, “Paradise 8 Casino,” gets it right.

About Paradise 8 Casino Support Team

The customer support team at “Paradise 8 Casino,” is patiently standing by 24/7, 365 days of the year, to answer all your gaming needs. The dedicated team can be reached either through telephone or through email. If contacting them through email, this casino has provided three different emails, for support, accounting and general, specific queries. And for affiliates who are being paid commission for advertising this casino, can also get in touch with the customer support for sign up questions and payment schedules. To further expedite matters, “Paradise 8 Casino,” offers a terms and conditions page, that further outlines the official polices, rules and obligations that all the members are expected to abide by. Also part of the terms and conditions, is the privacy policy which provides immediate questions members may have, about what data is collected, and what “Paradise 8 Casino” can and can’t do with your information. With well over a 100, visually compelling games, “Paradise 8 Casino” has spared no expense when it comes to providing its members a relaxing and rewarding experience. But they want all its members to gamble responsibly. The dedicated customer support team goes the extra mile by providing a ready made, section dedicated to responsible gaming. In this section, players are given tips on how to game here responsibly, which includes setting a gambling budget, understanding the game rules of a particular game before wagering real money, and even taking breaks. The customer support staff even lets its members set gambling limitations, to help you stay in control. Going even further, the support team even provides hot line numbers for players to get professional help. Other ready made sections that are just a click away, are the official terms and requirements for bonuses and promotions, as well as a detailed section dedicated to their most loyal members, the VIPs. “Paradise 8 Casino,” offers 5 tier levels for VIPs, with each section offering its own unique perks and prizes. And for any questions on any VIP level, the tentative support staff is once again, just a phone call or an email away.